Steamship Grill & Bar

Steamship Grill & Bar - Restaurant FrontRestaurant: Steamship Grill & Bar
Cuisine: West Coast
Address: 470 Belleville St, Victoria, BC V8V 1W9
Summary: At the Heritage Steamship Terminal Building is the Steamship Grill & Bar serving premium West Coast seafood and prime steaks. With reasonably priced good food, daily happy hour, and a gorgeous view of the harbour, I would eat here again.

Ok, this is the last blog post on Victoria before I go back to showcasing Vancouver food.

To be honest, we probably passed by the Heritage Steamship Terminal building multiple times during our trip when we were walking around Victoria. It is right across the street from the Empress Hotel and a key landmark.

On that Sunday afternoon, we wanted to have one last seafood meal before taking the ferry home. For some reason, we stopped just outside the building to take a look at the menu for Steamship Grill & Bar. It must have been the sidewalk sign featuring their Happy Hour and Buck A Shuck oysters. I swear, these signs attract my attention if they’re promoting food (and/or drinks).

Steamship Grill & Bar - Restaurant Decor

With an open space concept, Steamship Grill & Bar is located right within the Heritage Steamship Terminal building by the inner harbour. The restaurant has only been around since December 2013, and it was developed by the same folks who brought us Romer’s Burger Bar, The Boathouse, The Keg, and Milestones in western Canada. From their website:

Steamship Grill and Bar takes you back to the time of hand shaken cocktails, fresh caught local seafood and the service reminiscent of the steamship era. Step outside to Victoria’s most stunning harbour view. Dine on our heated and covered patio enjoying premium wines and spirits.

Steamship Grill & Bar - Restaurant Decor - TableThe restaurant did remind me of something from back in the day, with decor similar to Joe Fortes on Thurlow St and Harbour House which we visited recently in Victoria. Servers are well dressed. Seating ranges from sofa chairs to basic table chairs and booths. The ugly blue/green/yellow fabric for the seats gives an oldesque feel, offset by the classiness of the lighting and modern architecture. Steamship Grill & Bar offers a casual yet upscale waterfront dining experience.

Their menu is really decent with lots of choices for seafood and all at reasonable prices. Happy Hour is daily from 2-5pm with $5 drinks and Buck A Shuck oysters. We were lucky that we visited on a Sunday because they also had a Lobster Feast Special for $29.99. We had some beers and wine to drink, and the oysters and lobster to eat.

Steamship Grill & Bar - Buck A Shuck OystersBuck A Shuck Oysters
Comes with cocktail sauce, mignonette, and horse radish. Oysters were super fresh and tasty, but a bit sandy – for a buck each, no real complaints. We had two dozen. Horse radish was fresh and tasted the way it should, unlike our experience the previous night.
Would order again
Steamship Grill & Bar - Sunday Lobster FeastSunday Lobster Feast
Only $29.99 and well worth every penny! The lobster was big with lots of meat and easily slid off from the shell. Really delicious to dip in the butter! Comes with a side of potatoes, asparagus, bean sprouts, and corn.
Would order again

Our bill came to $85 including alcohol, taxes, and tip. For just the food, it would have been $54 not including taxes or tip. We were pretty stuffed! Two dozen oysters were way too much, especially with just the two of us, but we got greedy as usual… Not to mention, someone had a sensitive stomach so I ended up eating most of the oysters. Lucky me.

Steamship Grill & Bar

  • Quality: Premium West Coast seafood and prime steaks. Variety of seafood choices with everything fresh and local. Food was simple but delicious.
    • Buck A Shuck Oysters – Good. Fresh and tasty, but a bit sandy.
    • Sunday Lobster Feast – Good. Big lobster with lots of meat and easy to eat.
  • Quantity: Moderate and filling portions.
  • Ambience: Casual yet upscale restaurant capturing the heritage and glamour of the steamship era. Open space concept. Offers view of the harbour and different seating options.
  • Pricing: Affordable and reasonable (approx. $30/person not including alcohol).
  • Service: Good. Food came out quick and servers checked on us throughout the meal. The waitress (Samaya) should try to smile a bit more though.

Eat Here Again? Yes. Steamship Grill & Bar is just what I’m looking for when I want good seafood. Everything was fresh, delicious, and priced reasonably, with even a scenic view of the harbour to enjoy during the meal. I would definitely eat here again, especially during happy hour for some $5 wine.

After eating here, we wish we visited Steamship Grill & Bar earlier during our trip, but it definitely redeemed the dining experience we had the night before at Ferris’ Oyster Bar (no offence!). Until next time, Victoria. If you have any good recommendations for food in Victoria, please let me know!