Sandy La Chinese Restaurant

Sandy La - Restaurant FrontRestaurant: Sandy La Chinese Restaurant
Cuisine: Chinese
Address: 5257 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3V4
Summary: Sandy La is a Chinese seafood restaurant that looks outdated and ghetto from the outside, but serves delicious, quality Chinese food. It is dinner only but opens late until 3am, so it is the perfect place to go for late night eating and drinking. I have ate here a few times and will continue coming back to eat.

It’s hard to find good late night eats, especially when you live in North Van where everything closes around 9, 10pm, so you’re either stuck scrounging for food at home, going to McDonald’s, or venturing out of the North Shore.

Sandy La Chinese Restaurant is a place that I’ve been to a few times with friends for late night eating and drinking. It is a Chinese seafood restaurant that opens for dinner only but stays open until 3am. Its business hours are everyday from Monday – Sunday, 5pm – 3am.

From the outside, the restaurant looks outdated and slightly ghetto, and the interior isn’t all that fancy either. The place isn’t that small nor big, relatively medium-sized – it has 7 large tables in the middle for big families and groups, and along the sides are small tables and booths fitting up to 4 people. It can be loud inside from all the customer chatter.

Sandy La - Restaurant Interior Decor

I noticed that a lot of the reviews on Yelp has complained about the service at Sandy La. Their service is ok and what I expect of a typical Chinese restaurant. Maybe because I’m accustomed to Chinese restaurants having just mediocre (if any) service. When the food is good and the service or dining experience isn’t so horrible that it leaves a sour taste in my mouth and never wanting to come back, I don’t care too much. I’m here for the good food! But if you have shitty food and shitty service…

The three of us went recently and here’s what we ate.

Sandy La - Clams in Black Bean SauceClams in Black Bean Sauce
The clams were fairly big and chewy, and they tasted very fresh like the ocean. The sauce was really flavourful and so good that you could add it on top of your rice or congee.
Would order again
Sandy La - Honey Garlic Spare RibsHoney Garlic Spare Ribs
The spare ribs were crispy and saucey. The sauce was sweet, but not sickeningly sweet like some Westernized Chinese places. Too bad these spare ribs were mostly bone and batter with not enough meat.
Would order again
Sandy La - Assorted Chinese Sausages with CauliflowerAssorted Chinese Sausages with Cauliflower
The saltiness of the Chinese sausage paired well with the cauliflower. Some sausage pieces were a bit hard, and the onions could have been grilled a little longer. The jalapeño gave everything a nice kick. A simple dish, but good.
Would order again
Sandy La - Pot StickersPot Stickers
The pot stickers were big and filling. The stuffing had lots of meat, but they were a bit dry instead of being more juicy. They could have been pan fried longer so that the outside was a bit more crispy, as the dumpling skin was thick and chewy.
Would order again
Sandy La - Pork Blood CongeePork Blood Congee
This was a plain and simple dish. Noticed some rice lumps that clumped together. Not much flavour, needed to add salt and/or pepper. I ended up using the black bean sauce from the clams. Tasted alright.
Would not order again
Sandy La - Deep Fried Chicken WingsDeep Fried Chicken Wings
The outside was crispy, and the meat inside was juicy and tender. There’s something about Chinese places making really good deep fried chicken wings…
Would order again
Sandy La - Golden Sand CrabGolden Sand Crab
The outside was breaded with salty egg yolk, so it was finger lickin’ good. The crab meat stuck to the shell and did not come off easily, but we thought this was because the crab was deep fried. The crab meat still tasted fresh.
Would order again

We had a couple of beers and definitely ordered too much between the three of us, but we always get greedy and order whatever we want while taking what we can’t finish home. The total of the bill came to $109 not including tips.

Sandy La Chinese Restaurant

  • Quality: Delicious, quality Chinese food. Almost everything we ordered during this visit tasted good, if not average.
    • Clams in Black Bean Sauce – Good. Clams were big and fresh. Sauce was flavourful.
    • Honey Garlic Spare Ribs – Good. Crispy and saucey, but mostly bone and batter.
    • Chinese Sausages with Cauliflower – Good. A simple dish that pairs ingredients well.
    • Pot Stickers – Average. Could have been more juicy on inside and crispy on outside.
    • Pork Blood Congee – Average. Plain and simple, but flavourless.
    • Deep Fried Chicken Wings – Good. Crispy, juicy, and tender.
    • Golden Sand Crab – Good. Finger lickin’ good with the use of salty egg yolk.
  • Quantity: Portions were medium-sized. Three people could share 4-5 dishes (we ordered way too much but we wanted variety).
  • Ambience: Casual, loud, and noisy. Outside of restaurant looks outdated and ghetto, with a mediocre-looking interior. Medium-sized with tables fitting small and large groups.
  • Pricing: Affordable (approx. $20/person not including alcohol).
  • Service: Average. Service was what I expect from a typical Chinese restaurant – Waitress comes to take order, brings your food to the table, and gets you the bill when you’re done.

Eat Here Again? Yes. Sandy La has delicious, quality Chinese food and opens late night until 3am. Pricing is not expensive, even when crab is ordered, and the beer is cheap too. I have been here a few times and will continue coming back to eat. I am definitely taking my parents here for crab!

If you know any good late night places or restaurants that serve delicious crab, let me know in the Comments below!

  • Andrea Chen

    The sausage with cauliflower looks delish!

    • Figured you might like something like that! Are we gonna go on another food adventure soon? I mean vacation…