Nook (West End)

Restaurant Review: Nook (West End)
Cuisine: Italian
Address: 781 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2L6
Summary: Nook is known for its delicious handmade pizzas and pastas, and it is always packed! It has great food, nice decor and ambience with a unique Chef’s Table. Pricing is affordable for eating out at a nice restaurant and the service was great. I would eat here again!

Yay I finally got to try Nook last week! Nook is an Italian restaurant with two locations – West End and Kitsilano – known for their delicious handmade pizzas and pastas. I’ve always wanted to try Nook at their West End location, but every time I go there, it’s super packed with a long lineup so we usually give up and go somewhere else nearby.

Last week, my friend and I decided to check out Nook (again), and we were determined to eat there this time. Man, was it BUSY! It was a full house, with people waiting inside and outside. Despite 4 or 5 names before us, we put our names on the chalkboard. We must’ve got lucky because we only waited 5-10 minutes… and we got the Chef’s Table where we could see them making the pizzas and cooking the food!

Nook - Chef's Table

We were pretty hungry, so we ordered two appetizers and two entrees.

Restaurant Review: NookAntipasto: Meatballs in tomato sauce
This wasn’t bad, but I thought that the meatballs could have packed more flavour. However, they were pretty big in size so maybe that’s why they weren’t as flavourful as I was hoping they’d be, like with small meatballs.
Would not order again
Restaurant Review: NookCrostini: Whipped Ricotta, honey, black pepper, hazelnuts
The flavours could have been stronger to pop out more and to contrast yet balance each other with the sweet and the savoury. The ricotta could have been more rich and savoury, instead of being so mild, and the honey could have been a bit more sweet.
Would not order again
Restaurant Review: NookPasta: Campanelle, guanciale, cauliflower and spinach
This was the Pasta of the Day, and it was so delicious and full of flavour. The sauce was not too rich or creamy that it becomes overbearing. The noodles were cooked to perfection and very Q!
Would order again
Restaurant Review: NookPizza: Margherita
The dough was chewy and the crust was the right amount of crispy. This tasted even better when dipped in chili oil and topped off with chili pepper flakes. LOVE Nook’s chili oil! Only minor complaint is not enough mozzarella; some slices didn’t have any.
Would order again

We also got a Rigatoni Boscaiola to go for my friend’s boyfriend and the rest of our pizza. They even gave us some chili oil when we asked, which was awesome!

The total of our bill with 5 dishes came to about $79 including tax, which is not bad considering the type of restaurant we were at and the fact that we ordered so much between two people.


  • Quality: Overall, the food tasted great.
    • Meatballs – Average. Meatballs could have packed more flavour.
    • Whipped Ricotta – Average. Flavours could have been stronger, especially the ricotta.
    • Campanelle – Really good. Sauce was delicious and noodles were cooked perfectly. My favourite dish of the night.
    • Margherita – Good. Dough was delicious, and the pizza tasted better with the chili oil.
  • Quantity: Portions looked average but were quite filling. Depending on size of your stomach and appetite, I think two people can just get 2-3 dishes to share.
  • Ambience: Small and cozy, with a romantic, dimmed semi-casual / semi-fine dining atmosphere. You could be seated at the bar on the left side, tables on the right, or the Chef’s Table at the back.
  • Pricing: Affordable for eating out at a nice restaurant (approx. $30-35/person not including alcohol), with leftovers to take home.
  • Service: Great. The wait sucks, but once you’re seated, the service is quick and the food comes out fast.

Eat Here Again? Yes! I enjoyed everything – the food, the ambience, and the service! Next time, I’m sticking to just pizzas and pastas – I want to try the Ricotta Pizza with spinach (lots of tables ordered this) and the Chicken Liver Crostini just because I love liver. Best to go with 2-4 people due to the wait, but it’s definitely a place to bring friends, a date, or even family, for a nice meal.

What do you recommend eating at Nook? Let me know in the Comments!