Locus Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurant Review: Locus Restaurant & Lounge
Cuisine: Fusion
Address: 4121 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P6
Summary: Locus has a cozy, casual and trendy vibe with interesting decor and nice ambience. It specializes in fusion food, but the overpriced food was not that great nor the red wine that we got. At least the cocktails were yummy. I wouldn’t come here again to eat, but just to chill and drink.

Apologies for not updating! I have definitely been eating more than I should have been posting, then I got sick with the flu…

A few weekends ago, our friend’s girlfriend wanted to throw a surprise birthday dinner for him. We planned it pretty last minute, and we had actually wanted to check out The Shameful Tiki Room, but it didn’t take reservations. With everyone getting off work at different times and her trying to bring him out after we all arrived, The Shameful Tiki Room wasn’t a go. Instead, she decided on Locus Restaurant & Lounge as it was close to her place.

Locus has a casual and cozy atmosphere with interesting decor – dimmed lights for a dark, romantic setting, unique tree-like branches (with monkeys at the top to boot) as wall dividers between the sections, and a bar with LED lighting to give it a modern, trendy touch. It was slightly loud that night with all the chatter inside, but it was Saturday night after all.

We ordered some drinks and appetizers to start. The cocktail specials were pretty yummy, but the Malbec red wine that we ordered was not great… I’ll stick to my go-to boxed Black Malbec red wine from the liquor store.

Locus - Crab & Prawn CakesCrab and Prawn Cakes
Not good
This was just slightly warm and not hot at all. Taste-wise was meh. The flavour was very citrusy, despite us barely lemoning it, and we couldn’t really taste the crab or prawn.
Would not order again
Locus - Miso PoutineMiso Poutine
Not good
This seemed like it would be interesting to eat. Unfortunately the potato wedges were not fully cooked, they were still hard, and the cheese curds were cold. At least the miso gravy sauce was good and had a nice, spicy kick to it.
Would not order again

We were pretty disappointed with the food after the appetizers… but at least the entrees were better, although not amazing considering their price points.

Locus - BC Brisket Chuck BurgerBC Brisket Chuck Burger with bacon
This burger was huge and it wasn’t bad. I mean, you can’t really go wrong with a burger. Liked the smoked cheddar cheese. Luckily the potato wedges were fully cooked (we were thinking they’d be undercooked and hard like the poutine). The salad was alright.
Would order again
Locus - Confit Duck LegConfit Duck Leg
This wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great. The meat was tender and could have been more flavourful, the gnocchi was chewy, and there was some kale. Nothing too memorable.
Would not order again
Locus - Szechuan Seafood PenneSzechuan Seafood Penne
A few of us wanted to order this but we all got something different so we could try each other’s food. This was delicious and it was the best dish of the night. We definitely helped ourselves to our friend’s plate. This was definitely fusion done right.
Would order again

The other dishes that we had were the BC Beef Tenderloin, Sockeye Salmon, and Risotto Milanese. I didn’t get to try the beef or salmon, but the risotto was burning hot and it tasted ok… it was very citrusy like the crab and prawn cakes.

Our friend’s girlfriend ended up treating all of us for his birthday. I’m guessing that each person would have had to pay $35-45 for the appetizers and an entree, but not including alcohol.

Locus Restaurant & Lounge

  • Quality: The food didn’t taste that great, but the entrees were at least better than the appetizers.
    • Crab and Prawn Cakes – Not good. Barely warm, very citrusy, and little flavour.
    • Miso Poutine – Not good. Hard, undercooked potato wedges and cold cheese curds.
    • BC Brisket Chuck Burger – Good. Liked that smoked cheddar cheese.
    • Confit Duck Leg – Average. Tasted alright, but nothing memorable.
    • Szechuan Seafood Penne – Good. Tasted delicious. Best dish of the night!
  • Quantity: Portions were fair and filling.
  • Ambience: Cozy, casual, and trendy vibe with interesting decor and nice ambience.
  • Pricing: Approx. $35-45/person if you have an appetizer and entree, not including alcohol.
  • Service: Great. The waitress was friendly and checked up on us many times.

Eat Here Again? No. The food wasn’t that great, so the prices didn’t seem very justifiable. If I came here again, it would be for the cocktails only. Maybe we ordered the wrong things, but we were disappointed with most of the dishes and the penne was the only dish that tasted the best. Oh, and the burger.

What are your thoughts of Locus? Everyone on Yelp seems to rave about it, so let me know in the Comments below!