Pho #1 (Sunnyvale)

Pho #1 - Outside Restaurant Pho #1
568 E El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, CA 94087

Broth was good with a decent amount of meat on top of the noodles, meal was $10, but service was slow for a pho place.

Hello!! Sorry I have been MIA, but if you are following me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, I have been posting pictures of my food, just not blogging. Since April, I’ve been in the San Francisco Bay Area, taking an accelerated software engineering program at Hackbright Academy. Been super busy learning and coding, but since I can’t neglect my food blog, here I am!

Just tonight, I went to eat at Pho #1 after working on my homework and project for school. It was my first time trying out this place, as my usual go-to pho place, House of Pho, closed at 9pm.

Arriving at close to 10pm on a Saturday night, it was pretty crowded inside. The interior decor of Pho #1 is cute with the coloured chairs, but the place isn’t that big – probably accommodates for around 30 or so people.

Pho #1 - Restaurant Interior
Pho #1 – Restaurant Interior

We waited about 5 minutes until we seated, had to wave down the server to order, and it was probably another 15 minutes until the food arrived. Service was slow compared to most pho places that I have been to.

I ordered a Large Pho Tai (Beef Pho with Rare Steak), my friend a Beef Stew, and my boyfriend Bryan a Large Chicken Pho. Unfortunately for Bryan, when his pho came, it came as a Regular. When we asked about it, the server went to check the bill and stated that a Regular was ordered, offering no apology or acknowledgement that they may have made a mistake taking the order. Bryan stuck with the Regular as he was hungry and the food was already in front of him. Plus, who knows how long it would take for his pho to be upped one size. We just thought that the attitude from the server wasn’t too friendly.

Beef Pho Tai @ Pho #1

The broth was good upon my first sip of the soup. FYI, I usually keep the Hoisin sauce and Sriracha sauce on the side to dip my meat in, rather than mixing into the broth, so that I can taste the broth for what it is. There was a good ratio of meat:noodles:soup, compared to some places where there is little meat and too much noodles, or too much soup and too little noodles, etc.

Pho #1 - Beef Pho Tai
Pho #1 – Beef Pho Tai (Large)

The meal for the three of us came out to $28.18 USD including taxes, but before tip.

Final Thoughts RE: PHO #1

Pho was good, but service was alright in terms of speed and customer service. They were probably understaffed and the server’s personality might just be like that so that things came off unfriendly while we were “hangry”, but I liked the food.

As I post this now, Bryan and I think that Pho #1 does not include any MSG in their pho. Usually we get really thirsty after eating pho, but hours have passed and we think it’s weird that we aren’t thirsty!!