Lee Kim Restaurant

Lee Kim Restaurant - Restaurant FrontRestaurant: Lee Kim Restaurant
Cuisine: Chinese/Vietnamese
Address: 6943 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5P 3Y7
Summary: Across the 7-11 on Victoria Dr is Lee Kim Restaurant, a Chinese-run restaurant serving Hong Kong Chinese and Vietnamese food. Despite cheap prices, the food tasted average, and I probably wouldn’t be back to eat again.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and Happy New Year! I was busy entertaining the Americans (my boyfriend and his friend) during their visit over the break. We definitely ate lots of good food that I will be sharing with you soon. My New Year’s Resolution? Try and update this blog more often – I can’t help that I eat more than I write.

A few weeks ago, my coworker and I were in Richmond for meetings with our buyers. Afterwards we decided to have lunch in the area before heading back to the office. Asking him what we should eat, he responded with “No. 9 Restaurant?” Of so many restaurants to choose from, No. 9? All I could think of were the drunken nights after clubbing that I spent eating there back in the day. Even when I’m sober, I think No. 9’s food is average.

Since it was a cold day, I was craving some beef noodle soup. Just so you know, I looove beef noodle soup. I Yelped to see if there was any good beef noodle soup restaurants nearby and came across Huang’s Beef Noodles. It had good reviews, drool-worthy photos, and was only 10 minutes away. As soon as we got there, we found out that it wasn’t open! So sad. Next time, Huang’s.

Lee Kim Restaurant - Street View

Standing in front of 7-11 while looking on Yelp for something else to eat, my coworker noticed a beef noodle house across the street called Lee Kim Restaurant. Just our luck! We decided to try it out.

Lee Kim Restaurant - Restaurant Decor

Lee Kim Restaurant is a small place that stretches far towards the back where the cashier and kitchen are. It has table and booth seating to choose from, and the restaurant decor is simple but bland. A pretty casual atmosphere and quiet setting.

When we walked in, the place was not busy at all, with just one other group of customers. Taking a booth, we sat down and looked at the menu, only to find out that Lee Kim Restaurant does not have Taiwanese or Chinese beef noodles. Despite being a Chinese-run restaurant, it offers Vietnamese beef noodles (pho) along with Hong Kong Chinese food like fried rice, bubble waffle, and milk tea on its menu.

The waitress came quick to take our order and kept coming by to refill the tea during our meal. The food that we ordered came out quick as well.

Lee Kim Restaurant - Curry Chicken with RiceCurry Chicken with Rice
My coworker ordered this and I had a few bites to try. The curry sauce was slightly watery, not thick in consistency, and the chicken pieces were deep fried and a bit hard. Not the type of curry we were expecting, but at least the rice portion was very generous.
Would not order again
Lee Kim Restaurant - Pork Chop and Chicken with RicePork Chop and Chicken with Rice
The deep fried chicken was hard and overcooked, not crispy on outside and tender on inside. The pork chop was better, but nothing special. The fried rice was simple – just soy sauce and green onions. Nothing special either.
Would not order again

Overall, the food at Lee Kim Restaurant wasn’t great, just average at best, with the hard chicken pieces from both dishes slightly unappetizing. Sad face for me, since I didn’t get to eat any beef noodle soup and ended up with so-so food for trying somewhere new. Neither of us got pho, so maybe that might have been better than these rice dishes.

The bill for the two of us was about $20 including taxes + $2 tip, so it was cheap and affordable. It seems that majority of Lee Kim Restaurant’s business is from regular customers and high school students from the nearby David Thompson Secondary School. With a “Student Special”, I guess I’d eat here too if I was a high school kid. Not many options around the area for lunch and you get what you pay for.

Lee Kim Restaurant: Review Summary

  • Quality: Chinese-run restaurant serving Vietnamese pho and Hong Kong Chinese food. Food was simple but tasted average.
    • Curry Chicken with Rice – Average.
    • Pork Chop and Chicken with Rice – Average.
  • Quantity: Big portions, with more than enough to eat and some leftovers to take home.
  • Ambience: Small, long restaurant with table and booth seating. Decor is simple but bland. Casual and quiet atmosphere.
  • Pricing: Cheap (approx. $10 per person).
  • Service: Average. Service was what I expect from a typical Chinese restaurant – Waitress comes to take order, brings your food to the table, and gets you the bill when you’re done.

Eat Here Again? No. Although the pricing is cheap at Lee Kim Restaurant, the food was just average, and for the same price, I could find better food elsewhere, even in a food court. I doubt I will be back for a second visit, not even to try the pho, so I probably wouldn’t eat here again unless I was in the area with nothing else to choose from.

Unfortunately Lee Kim Restaurant was a disappointing experience and Victoria Dr usually has lots of good food places! Ever tried Lee Kim Restaurant, or have any recommendations for this area? Let me know below!