Dog Gone It

Dog Gone It - Restaurant FrontRestaurant: Dog Gone It
Cuisine: American
Address: 801 Government St, Victoria, BC V8W 1W8
Summary: Just in the corner of Downtown Victoria by the inner harbour, Dog Gone It sells “wicked good hot dogs.” Choose from a selection of wienies named after actual dog breeds, or build your own dog. Being reasonably priced and tasting dog gone good, I would eat here again for a quick snack touring through Victoria.

The story of the hot dog is the story of the industrious immigrant, the genius of marketing, the creative cook, the boy at the ballpark, the illustrious academic… There’s a hot dog to reflect every facet of America’s cultural landscape.

Did you know about how the hot dog became the most American food? The hot dog is considered an American staple and it’s crazy how many hot dog variations there are today compared to the simple “red hots” back then. I definitely like to have a hot dog when I want a quick bite to satisfy my hunger, and that was just what happened in Victoria.

Located across the street from the Empress Hotel and the Visitor Centre, within the realms of Downtown Victoria and just by the inner harbour, Dog Gone It is a neat little place selling “wicked good hot dogs”. On the inside, it’s got a bit of a retro, old school roller diner look to it – there are a few tables and counter-top seats, and even some pinball machines.

Dog Gone It - Menu

The name itself is creative and funny enough, but even the menu uses actual dog breeds to customize its flavour profiles. You can choose from a selection of wienies ranging from the Classic Mutt to the Little Chihuhua, or build your own based on whatever toppings you want.

We stumbled upon Dog Gone It because we wanted a small bite before walking around Downtown and it was right by our hotel. Got a dog to share between the two of us, grabbed a Phillips Phoenix Lager from Sam’s Deli next door, and enjoyed the meal on the patio outside.

Dog Gone It - Labrador RetrieverLabrador Retriever
Super filling – it’s big for one, good to share between two – grilled perfectly, and served in a warm bun. Nice crunchiness from the bacon and crispy onions, but wished it was spicy – the hot sauce used was tabasco, so it was actually more tangy.
Would order again

We spent just $5 on the hot dog and another $5-6 for the beer. The pricing of dogs at Dog Gone It is reasonable, considering street vendors on Downtown Robson sell hot dogs for $3.75 and up, and Japadog’s dogs are $4.75-$6.25.

Dog Gone It

  • Quality: Wicked good hot dogs that are grilled perfectly, served in a warm bun. Choose from the many different flavours profiles available, or customize your own.
    • Labrador Retriever – Good. Crunchy from the bacon and crispy onions, delicious and super filling, but lacking spiciness.
  • Quantity: Moderately big-sized hot dog with generous toppings.
  • Ambience: Small, cafe-looking hot dog joint with a retro, old school roller diner look on the inside. Casual, laid back atmosphere.
  • Pricing: Cheap (approx. $5/person).
  • Service: Good. Not much service to be honest, as you order at the counter and pick up when they call your name. Hot dog was ready quick though, and the server told us about the beers at Sam’s Deli.

Eat Here Again? Yes. Amusing name with an amusing menu, Dog Gone It definitely sells “wicked good hot dogs”, and I was not disappointed at all. Being reasonably priced with a hefty portion and tasting dog gone good, I’d eat here again.

Reading about the history of hot dogs, I really want to go to Coney Island now and have a hot dog on the boardwalk. Wish we had more gourmet hot dogs here in Vancouver, not too many that I know of?! Guess hot dogs aren’t as big in Canada, as they are in the States.